d-i rc3 progress

Well, yesterday it looked like everything was finished building and seemed to be working (except perhaps the full CD desktop task), so I posted to let people know it was time to do final checking before we call this d-i rc3. This morning I did see some expected reports of new problems (there are always new problems, especially when the installer depends on various bits of debian that still arn't frozen), happily so far they seem to be either fairly minor, or have been quickly fixed.

I'm still gearing up to do my own testing of the rc3 images. Since this means sitting in front of lots of different test machines, burning CDs, moving keyboards and monitors around and doing non-automated testing for a change, I expect it will take several days to work through everything I want to test.

Oh yeah, the initrd-tools megaraid2 bug, while not a new bug, is such a glaring hole in the current installer that I hate to release with it. I wish I had access to a machine with a megaraid2 in it so I could figure out how to fix initrd-tools. It seems likely that it just needs to look at some additional files in proc to work out that it needs to include the megaraid2 module.