I've been meaning to fix debhelper's option parsing code for a while (7 years?!), and finally got around to it with version 7.1.0, in experimental.

Now debhelper commands can define their own command-line options. This is especially useful for third-party commands that couldn't add new options before, without pestering or bribing me. (Bribes still happily accepted however.)

It's in experimental because I removed global support for a large number of lesser-used options. Some of these might be used by third-party debhelper commands -- if so, they will be broken by this change, and need to define those options themselves.

Also, it used to be possible to pass nonsensical options to a command, like "dh_strip --include-conffiles --no-restart-on-upgrade". To avoid breaking unknown numbers of packages that might do things like this, I've made debhelper start warning about such things. This warning will be converted to an error as soon as I dare.