Lots more progress on moving over the past three days. Friday I packed a lot of stuff and tore down my lab. Saturday I returned loaned furniture, and what a nasty day to do it, cold and intermittent rain. I also drove the Trivette's old yellow truck for the first time. (John Goerzen has nothing on this truck.) That was interesting.

test rack

Today I packed 8 computers in my car and William and I drove down (in snow!) to Brian's. Brian has a server room in his basement with raised floor and the whole 9 yards -- including a space age floor to ceiling control center -- and he gave me a whole rack to play with. With William and Brian's help I racked up the whole d-i test lab, which ate most of a full height rack (and also 6 hours of work). With 7 architectures and no two machines alike, it's not the prettiest rack I've ever seen, but it's certianly an interesting one.

Keeping compulsive notes about everything in the lab paid off in rebuilding it, although of course I found the things I forgot to document. If you have dia, here's the complete spec for power, serial, and ethernet: machines.dia

Unfortunatly it seems that the lvm+raid I'm using on the server had issues, apparently it started last night when I test booted it and continued today, and fsck found more and different problems with the /home filesystem than I've ever seen before. So now I'm working on fixing that, as well as re-IPing the whole test lab, which has already wasted several hours of the time it took to install everything.

Anyway, major thanks are due to Brian for hosting this!