Hmm, it's funny to be asked to blog about something. By mupltiple people. I could talk about an old church filled with a 100+ geeks, an organ played by Keith Packard, wine and cheese from all over the world, etc, but ok, I'll bite:

Now that I got it working, Enrico's ept-cache is pretty neat. It found a lot of odd cruft on my laptop, along with some packages you probably don't know about that I'd be happy to chat about.

termnet - Simple Telnet replacement for termnetd
grunt - Secure remote execution via UUCP or e-mail using GPG
longrun - Transmeta Crusoe LongRun control utility
iconc - Compiler for Icon, a high-level programming language
dbacl - digramic Bayesian text classifier
icont - Interpreter for Icon, a high-level programming language
bogl-bterm - Ben's Own Graphics Library - graphical terminal
intercal - an INTERCAL de-obfuscator
geotoad - geocaching query tool
libnet-openid-consumer-perl - library for consumers of OpenID identities
libapm-dev - Library for interacting with APM driver in kernel
libtextwrap-dev - text-wrapping library with i18n - development files
libklibc-dev - kernel headers used during the build of klibc
fuzz - stress-test programs by giving them random input
libdebconfclient0-dev - Development files for cdebconf
libslang2-pic - The S-Lang programming library, shared library subset kit
libnewt-pic - Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit, shared library subset kit
gnats-user - The GNU problem report management system (client tools)
libdebian-installer4-dev - Library of common debian-installer functions
mailfilter - A program that filters your incoming e-mail to help remove spam
buici-clock - attractive desktop clock)
atari800 - Atari emulator for X/curses/SDL
hercules - System/370, ESA/390 and z/Architecture Emulator

This does make for fun conversations..