alt="imagine an xkcd-style infographic here"

0 seconds

  • peace and quiet
  • full history of all my projects (git repos)
  • my blog
  • email

0.5 seconds

  • chatting on IRC
  • searching through all email received since 1994
  • music
  • cached web pages

5 seconds

  • ssh to a server
  • search the web
  • lwn, hacker news, reddit, metafilter, and other web aggregators

10 seconds

  • resuming laptop from sleep and waiting for network-manager
  • view an unnecessarily pastebinned scrap of text
  • access local Debian mirror
  • looking up a typical bug report

20 seconds

  • click on a typical link from a web aggregator
  • an hour of video pulled from a USB drive with git-annex

2 minutes

  • downloading new email
  • commute to work
  • an increasing number of websites that force https (average of 3 reloads needed due to timeouts)

5 minutes

  • viewing a single file, bug report, or merge request on github
  • cloning the full content of a typical not too large git repo
  • retriving data from archival drives via git-annex
  • going offline and making a phone call
  • apt-get update (thanks aj, for the pdiffs)
  • viewing a single a twitter page (megabytes of crud and #! redirections)

10 minutes

  • entering a state of flow while programming
  • (with all the pretty pictures)
  • my mailbox (after a nice walk down a long driveway)

22 minutes

  • milk and eggs
  • a swim in the river

30 minutes

  • broadband internet access
  • someone else who knows what linux is

32 minutes

  • an hour of video pulled from my server with git-annex (includes travel time to broadband access point)

70 minutes

  • a halfway decent but slightly overpriced grocery store
  • a produce stand
  • a coffee shop

180 minutes

  • family
  • a bakery with real bread

300 minutes

  • downloading a typical podcast