I'm still following The Lost Ring, but it got a little too intense today when someone who was not very familiar with what was going on was recruited to pick up an envolope hidden in an umbrella stand at a gallery in Hong Kong became disturbed by the contents and destroyed it. All we're left with is some fuzzy pictures.


This fragment contains a code. If we can figure out enough of the code, it can be used to download a digital copy of the paper that got torn up. It's a kind of checksum, was written with a typewriter (that writes capital letters a bit higher than the rest of the line, and tends to fade bottoms of numbers), and will look something like "SS71/124P/84JH/HFGS/CEAS". After playing with the gimp, I'm fairly sure that the code starts out "C??L/T4GA/L".


In the movies, this is easy, you just zoom in on the blurry picture until you can see fingerprints. In the "real" world, it's gonna be tricky.