simple scripts and the men who love them

A few weeks ago, I wrote a very simple script to play any of my music files that have a given set of words in their filename or directory. I've started to use it exclusively instead of the (poorly designed) xmms file selector, since I can generally select any given CD as quickly as I can think with this thing. Especially given use of abbreviations, shell history, aliases, all the nice things you get with a command line utility.

The other nice thing about this is the serendipity factor, if I'm not looking for a given album, my random search criteria often turn up very interesting playlists with songs I forgot I had. Of course, this is really all wrong; it should be searching real metadata of the files, but the metadata in my music collection is middling to poor, while the directory and filename structure is good to excellent.

Anyway, it's been a while since I was so happy with 44 lines of perl written in 15 minutes.