I brought my cat Leo to the house in the hollow a week ago. He settled in quickly; this was his 7th move. He seems both more kittenish, and more predatory out here. This was a trial run, I'll bring him back to town soon for a few weeks. Since early August, I've for one reason and another been away every other week, and I got tired of worrying about the cat home alone.

With a cat, and with electricity seemingly sorted, it's getting homelike here. As the days shorten, I'm being power wasteful with computers and radio and lights, and the batteries still never drop below 13.5 volts. Bodes well for winter. All that remains to be done is refrigeration that does not involve hauling ice, and more water. Winter will help with both.

Still remains to be seen if I will continue bouncing back and forth, or if there will be an inflection point.

I've regained a tranquility that had been eluding me for ages. It's been a lot of work, but it seems worth it.

(git-annex announcement soon!)