github-backup is an attempt to take something I don't like -- github's centralization of what should be a decentralized techology -- and find a constrictive way to make it at least meet my baseline requirements for centralized systems. Namely that when they go away, I don't lose data.

So, it was written partly with my ArchiveTeam hat on.

A recent bug filed on it, Backup fails for repositories unavailable due to DMCA takedown made me happy, because it shows github-backup behaving more or less as intended, although perhaps not in the optimal way.

By the way, this is the only one of my projects that uses github for issue tracking. Intentionally ironically.

It was my second real Haskell program (after git-annex) and so also served as a good exercise in applying what I'd learned about writing Haskell up to that point.

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