This "beach trip" was unusual, as its ocracode shows:

OBX1.1 P5/6/4 L6 S12+b----c---- U10(mountains,freshwater,etc) T0 f0 b0 Rd Bb----m----n---- F+ SC----s--g0 H----f0i0.5 V+++s--m0 E-r--

Here are 4 generations of Hess's on a visit to the Bluff Mountain Preserve, which is not normally open to the public and has what is supposed to be the only fen in the southern Appalachians.

photo photo

Also, I no longer have a car after that trip. I am, however, looking at various electric bicycles. As someone who hates being posessed by posessions, I'm happy that losing my car doesn't really bother me.

Oh, and Leo has kitty-laryngitis.