Got debug-me fully working over the network today. It's allllive!

Hardest thing today was when a developer connects and the server needs to send them the backlog of the session before they start seeing current activity. Potentially full of races. My implementation avoids race conditions, but might cause other connected developers to see a stall in activity at that point. A stall-free version is certianly doable, but this is good enough for now.

There are quite a few bugs to fix. Including a security hole in the proof chain design, that I realized it had when thinking about what happens with multiple people are connected to a debug-me session who are all typing at once.

(There have actually been 3 security holes spotted over the past day; the one above, a lacking sanitization of session IDs, and a bug in the server that let a developer truncate logs.)

So I need to spend several mode days bugfixing, and also make it only allow connections signed by trusted gpg keys. Still, an initial release does not seem far off now.