Started some exploratory programming on the debug-me idea.

First, wrote down some data types for debug-me's proof of developer activity.

Then, some terminal wrangling, to get debug-me to allocate a pseudo-terminal, run an interactive shell in it, and pass stdin and stdout back and forth to the terminal it was started in. At this point, debug-me is very similar to script, except it doesn't log the data it intercepts to a typescript file.

Terminals are complicated, so this took a while, and it's still not perfect, but good enough for now. Needs to have resize handling added, and for some reason when the program exits, the terminal is left in a raw state, despite the program apparently resetting its attributes.

Next goal is to check how annoying debug-me's insistence on a synchronous activity proof chain will be when using debug-me across a network link with some latency. If that's too annoying, the design will need to be changed, or perhaps won't work.

To do that, I plan to make debug-me simulate a network between the user and developer's processes, using threads inside a single process for now. The user thread will builds up an activity chain, and only accepts inputs from the developer thread when they meet the synchronicity requirements. Ran out of time to finish that today, so next time.

debug-me's git repository is available from

Today's work was sponsored by andrea rota.