Releasing debug-me 1.20170520 today with a major improvement.

Now it will look for the gpg key of the developer in keyring files in /usr/share/debug-me/keyring/, and tell the user which project(s) the developer is known to be a member of. So, for example, Debian developers who connect to debug-me sessions of Debian users will be identified as a Debian developer. And when I connect to a debug-me user's session, debug-me will tell them that I'm the developer of debug-me.

This should help the user decide when to trust a developer to connect to their debug-me session. If they develop software that you're using, you already necessarily trust them and letting them debug your machine is not a stretch, as long as it's securely logged.

Thanks to Sean Whitton for the idea of checking the Debian keyring, which I've generalized to this.

Also, debug-me is now just an apt-get away for Debian unstable users, and I think it may end up in the next Debian release.