Recorded a 7 minute screencast demoing debug-me, and another 3 minute screencast talking about its log files. That took around 5 hours of work actually, between finding a screencast program that works well (I used kazam), writing the "script", and setting the scenes for the user and developer desktops shown in the screencast.

While recording, I found a bug in debug-me. The gpg key was not available when it tried to verify it. I thought that I had seen gpg --verify --keyserver download a key from a keyserver and use it to verify but seems I was mistaken. So I changed the debug-me protocol to include the gpg public key, so it does not need to rely on accessing a keyserver.

Also deployed a debug-me server, It's not ideal for me to be running the debug-me server, because when me and a user are using that server with debug-me, I could use my control of the server to prevent the debug-me log being emailed to them, and also delete their local copy of the log.

I have a plan to that will avoid that problem but it needs a debug-me server run by someone else. Perhaps that will happen once I release debug-me; for now the single debug-me server will have to do.

Finally, made debug-me --verify log check all the signatures and hashes in the log file, and display the gpg keys of the participants in the debug-me session.

Today's work was sponsored by Jake Vosloo on Patreon.

(Also, Sean Whitton has stepped up to get debug-me into Debian!)