Worked today on making debug-me run as a client/server, communicating using websockets.

I decided to use the "binary" library to get an efficient serialization of debug-me's messages to send over the websockets, rather than using JSON. A typically JSON message was 341 bytes, and this only uses 165 bytes, which is fairly close to the actual data size of ~129 bytes. I may later use protocol buffers to make it less of a haskell-specific wire format.

Currently, the client and server basically work; the client can negotiate a protocol version with the server and send messages to it, which the server logs.

Also, added two additional modes to debug-me. debug-me --download url will download a debug-me log file. If that session is still running, it keeps downloading until it's gotten the whole session. debug-me --watch url connects to a debug-me session, and displays it in non-interactive mode. These were really easy to implement, reusing existing code.