Took a while to find the necessary serial cables and SD cards to test propellor's ARM disk image generation capabilies.

Ended up adding support for the SheevaPlug because it was the first board I found the hardware to test. And after fixing a couple oversights, it worked on the second boot!

Then after a trip to buy a microSD card, Olimex Lime worked on the first boot! So did CubieTruck and Banana Pi. I went ahead and added a dozen other sunxi boards that Debian supports, which will probably all work.

(Unfortunately I accidentially corrupted the disk of my home server (router/solar power monitor/git-annex build box) while testing the CubieTruck. Luckily, that server was the first ARM board I want to rebuild cleanly with propellor, and its configuration was almost entirely in propellor already, so rebuilding it now.)

Today's work was sponsored by Trenton Cronholm on Patreon.