I'm going to DebConf, and will be giving what I think is the first talk I've ever done about debhelper there. Incidentially, debhelper in experimental has some nice new features.

I have no idea how I'm getting from the Madrid airport to Cáceres, and would rather spend time working on my talk than trying to book tickets internationally, so I hope buying train tickets at the station is not a foolish plan..

Foolish indeed

I had the same tact whilst traveling to Huesca from Madrid yesterday.

I swung by the Renfe counter at the Airport to double check there was a fast train at 7pm. She said there is, but it's full.

Full??! I've never heard of a full train in all my life.

I couldn't buy a ticket, so I sadly had to catch an earlier train, rush across Madrid to Atocha train station and miss out on some social time with a friend in Madrid. :(

So I wish I booked the ticket in advance and I will most definitely do this for my journey to debconf9.

I recommend booking the Renfe ticket in Spanish. The English site does not work for me.

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