My father and Ed Counts made this short film, and Mark has rescued it from videotape so I can put it on the web. (If Ed Counts doesn't want this on the web, I'll have to take it down.)

Watching it closely, I've found many more scenes from my childhood than I remembered. Of course there's the trail up to the cleared spot, and that trestle down near Natural Tunnel, but I also found the house I grew up in, a view from the hill above the house, our barn, and even Ownee and Silas's house.

I remember running and jumping down the hill as Ed Counts made sketches and studies for the film. The closest I've ever come to a lucid dream is one where I can jump up, tense the right part of my mind, and not come back down. Thanks, Dad..


thank you
Thanks for posting this - I stumbled across it from your Pre "phone home" blog post but found this movie much more awesome.
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I saw this short on KET today, March 30, 2014. Enjoying it, I had to google when, where and who created and produced it. Thanks to all who created and brought the story to the screen. What a sweet piece of imagination, common to many and capitulated in story to warm the hearts, minds and spirits of all who have the good fortune to view and experience it!

Thank you to all involved!

Mark Neff

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