In one scene of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), her laptop has been broken. These are the files that she needs to recover from it.

Yep, debconf templates files, debhelper md5sums, and generally /var/lib/dpkg/info/ -- in a film full of data, these are the first data that the plot turns on.

(PS, Even super-anti-heroes should probably make their backups before battle.)

It looks like Gnome-terminal for old version of Ubuntu :)
Comment by PaweĊ‚
Since Lisbeth was using OS X throughout the film (a sure sign of a movie hacker) I believe those files are from the FINK Project ( Still, I haven't been so happy to see a terminal shot since Trinity used nmap & SSH to take down the power grid in Matrix Reloaded ;)
Comment by Bill
Definitely Ubuntu
Smells like Ubuntu 7.10 to me. Default wallpaper and GTK+ theme - colours are just a bit washed out.
Comment by directhex
From the swedish movie, I suppose?

Cool, have to look at the movie again. In swedish, of course :)

The title in english has nothing to do with the original swedish title. Swedish title translated to english is "Men who hate women".

Lisbeth Salander is a hero, no anti-hero :) Anyway, have to have a lock at the movie, as I have forgotten lots of details. And so I can bash the Hollywood production later :)

Comment by AJxn