Sydney opera house viewed from a ferry

Last Saturday, when the bus from Canberra pulled into Sydney's central station, I found myself feeling curiously nostalgic for this city, and particularly this bustling and somewhat seedy[1] neighborhood of Haymarket and Redfern.

glowing angels in Kimber lane

I only spent 5 days in Sydney, but living in a shared house there, walking up to Central every day, and returning to the outskirts of the Haymarket every evening to slurp noodles or other asian food, I got into a routine. And got a sense of the place that goes perhaps a bit beyond the tourist sights.

Manly beach panorama

Perhaps if I'd had more time I would have found a decent coffee shop that had both free wifi and abundant seating. They seem scarce in Sydney. I instead often got on the ferry to Manly when I wanted some sit down and code time.

Cliffside Protect Our Water Dragons sign
One time when I was exploring the headlands above Manly beach, I noticed this sign.
Then I ran into this guy. Click him for an amusing video.

Anyway, Sydney is on my very short list of cities I'd actually enjoy spending some more time in some day, along with San Francisco, Vancouver, Oslo, and London.

[1] Depending on what's inside all the "VIP lounges" and "Thai massage parlours" on every corner that I did not explore, perhaps thoroughly seedy?

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"VIP lounges" == pokies... not seedy, just cancer on society. "Thai massage parlours" == usually just massage... but some are grotty, one around the corner from my house specifically had a "no sex" sign in the window and my girlfriend goes to another.

That said i love my seedy city, life here is good and the eastern water dragons are hilarious :)

You want ... not far from where you were.

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For some history of the place, I highly recommend The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes.
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