So, DebConf's over, I'm back from Spain. It was a long trip. Maybe I'll try to blog something about it, but now I'm excited about being home. Especially about the garden, which has exploded while I was away. I have thai basil by the bushel now, not the leaf; not enough tomatoes but as many as can be expected from my tiny planting, a freezer full of blackberries and even some still on the vine, new sorts of squashes, lots more coming on (onions, green beans, cabbage). So glad to be back in the humid, sticky, cool(?!) of the appalachian summer.

mr co is busily moving all the bits I don't cross national borders with back onto my personal area network; music is playing without headphones for a change; the office is full of soaked laundry from my checked baggage (courtesy of Delta, thanks guys); the cat is happy; my toes don't hurt much; and all is right with the world.