Dear LazyWeb,

I use the standard script in a git post-receive hook. This works ok, except in the case where changes are made in a published branch, and then that branch is merged into a second published branch.

In that case, reports all the changes twice, once when they're committed to the published branch, and again when the branch is merged. This is worst when I sync up two branches; if there were a lot of changes made on either branch, they all flood into the irc channel again.

Am I using the script wrong, or is there a better script I should use? Or maybe there's a CIA alternative that is smarter about git commits, so it will filter out duplicates?

Here, FWIW, is how I currently use it in my post-receive hook.

while read oldrev newrev refname; do
    [ "$refname" = "master" ] && refname=
    for merged in $(git rev-list --reverse $newrev ^$oldrev); do $merged $refname

Update: After hints and discussion from Buxy, I arrived at the following:

while read oldrev newrev refname; do
    [ "$branchname" = "master" ] && branchname=
    for merged in $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --not --branches | egrep -v "^\^$refname$" | git rev-list --reverse --stdin $oldrev..$newrev); do $merged $branchname

With this, changes available in another published branch are not sent to CIA.

There might still be some bugs with this.

what gnome did...

For those who stumble over this, also check this variant:

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