This should solve the yurt's bed problem. Over the past two years I've learned there are really two: It's not a fully dry environment so anything left on the floor will mildew; and the yurt makes no pretense of having a level floor. Thus this custom bed with independently levelable legs, custom sized to hold together a multipart matress. In keeping with the yurt thing, it's disassemblable and portable, but not too easily. :)

Couldn't have been done without Mark's skilled ripping of the plywood. Anna cut the smaller boards and assisted, and we were very happy with what we managed to accomplish in a few hours. It's sturdy, and even level.

I would recommend putting in lots of big airholes in the plywood, if you can at a later date replace it with a series of springed wood slabs. Sprunged beds are so much lighter and nicer, it's also loads of fun to steam bend wood. :-) Good luck
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