Some spring days just seem full to bursting with unusual experiences. I spent the night at the yurt and in just four hours today:

  • Worked to protect my ethernet cables from spinning blades of doom by encasing them in pipes where my sister wants to mow.
  • Just as I was getting into the creek for a dip, a hawk (or similar) flew down the creek through a tangle of trees and almost into my face. We were both pretty startled.
  • Got in a splashing war with a dog. Lucy is capable of swimming out into the creek and splashing water three feet high, right at you. We had way too much fun, and now I think one of us is smarter than I'd thought, and the other, perhaps sillier.
  • Got home to find a huge box from Amazon. Hmm, I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon... Double hmm, the inside was just full of packing paper... Yipes, there's a big red axe buried in here!

big red axe

Thanks to Iain M from Melbourne who writes, "We have never met. I have used your software and gained insight from your blog, over the years. So thanks. Also, I have never bought someone an axe before. This is cool."

I forgot I had that in my wishlist, but now I can split wood with ease, when I run out of Amazon packaging material to burn.

I agree
Your software has helped my over the years as well, as has your blog. Hopefully I'll buy you something from you wish list one day. It won't be a big red axe though.
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