What I've been up to the past few days, other than nervously refreshing polling and sites over and over..

Like Anna I skulked around an abandoned farmhouse yesterday, and found a pear windfall. (Better than expected pears too.) Actually, the farm turns out to not be abandoned, the fireplace had hot coals in it. Been too long since I was out there, and in touch with what's going on.

Found the At Play column by John Harris, full of enthusiastic writing about rogue-like games.

Inspired by that I dusted off my nethack fingers. I basically suck at nethack, but still dream of ascending one decade. But playing it on a laptop is such a pain. I tossed together this script to let me use the arrow keys with nethack, rather than hjkl, because vim has ruined me.

Oh, and I've been making salsa with the last of the summer tomatoes, as they ripen.