(While I have a lot big stuff going on in my life right now, I don't feel most of it's suitable for blogging. So here's a bit of insignificant fluff.)

I have this nethack game that won't end. I started it before Christmas, and got much, much deeper into the dungeon than I've ever managed before. Taunted Jerry with it as we hung out over the holidays; he repeatedly losing while I quested and cleared out the castle, and genocided liches to get through the valley of the dead, and generally just kept building up a character that wouldn't quit.

Yeoj the Student of Metals St:18/06 Dx:18 Co:18 In:16 Wi:18 Ch:14 Lawful Dlvl:42 $:0 HP:138(138) Pw:29(147) AC:-15 Xp:20/5196103 T:66175 Hungry Burdened

I should mention: I mostly don't play nethack often, only swinging back around to give it another try every year or two. So for many years I'd play a few games that quickly ended in Yet Another Stupid Death, and occasionally feel proud when I got as far as Minetown or the Oracle. Recently, though, I've started focusing on Monks, and gotten rather good at playing them in the early game.

So, this is my first character who got through the early game, completed the quest, and went well into the late-game. I know where that vibrating square is, I have plenty of wishes to round out my kit. So it would be an ascention candidate, except my chances of doing that on the first try are ... slim.

And, do I want to? The descriptions of what I'd need to do to even try seem a bit tedious.

So, unsure if he wants to ascend, and fearing YASD, my monk sits in his recently aquired tower at level 42 of the dungeon. For months. And so I can't play nethack.

The character I'm role playing has decided to opt out of the game. (Oops, I meant to leave real life out of this, but it's somehow snuck back in there.)

Meanwhile, this Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup that @Play keeps talking about looks interesting...

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Crawl rocks. I enjoy it much more than nethack. Crawl games seem to have more novelty and variation, and I much more rarely feel that bad luck killed me rather than my own mistakes.

I highly recommend playing on the crawl server; fun to have people watching and talking with you while you play, and fun to watch and learn from other people. ##crawl seems quite active.

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Josh: there is one profoundly scary player who ascends something like 75% of nethack games under tournament conditions, so we can deduce that at most 25% of deaths are due to bad luck. :-) I'll concede that the mistakes can be pretty subtle at times, though.
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