Blessing, VA
Rt 666 Hogback Rd

I'm in Charlottesville for a few days. Got to visit the always atmospheric Crozet Pizza, and am enjoying a cabin at Misty Mtn.

Had a good long think on the drive up, but it doesn't want to come out as a blog right now.

Rt. 666 Info

Hi, I know this is totally off your topic, but the image that you have.. of that Rd. I'm curious, I've seen that sign for the last 25 years of my traveling back and forth from where-ever I lived at the time to my family's home in, I'm almost sure its on 81. Do you know any history on the name or where I might find some info on it? its just been a land mark of mine for so long and on my way back this time I told myself that when I got home I was going to google it and see what I came up with.. Well, one was a record producing company for some death metal band in Bloody Mtn. and yours, I opted for Just curious.. Thanks for your time

Joey Burgess

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I wish I knew the story behind that road. Someone has a sense of humor, for sure.

FWIW, there are roads 664, 665, etc close by.

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