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keysafe presentation at LCA

I will be giving a presentation of keysafe at the LCA Security miniconf.

"Securely backing up gpg private keys.. to the cloud‽"

I assume my strategic interrobang deployment got this on the schedule.

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Afternoon in the woods cutting poles for a sweat lodge.

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not my grandpa's volt meter

Stole a Sperry DSA-600 multimeter at auction for $7. It's old.. before Sperry started making them yellow. Probably 1980's? Only 3 readings/second. But very nice quality, AC inductor ring and leather case too.

I had actually been using my grandpa's volt meter for basic polarity checks lately, since my multimeter broke. Analog elegance -- no batteries needed..

antique volt meter

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A sixteen year old today, perhaps taking a high school civics course, has spent half their life with a president not originally elected by the popular vote.. and can expect this to continue to be the case at least until they're 24.

Wonder what that will do to youth voting levels even more going forward.

And the really smart and ambitious students... Well, if you clearly don't live in a democracy, you make different sorts of long term plans.

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"Bad News"

Bad News game is almost an inversion of the Roguelike genre. Super-detailed world generation, but then all interaction with it is mediated through people, live coding and acting. The only violence is psychological and the game is about avoiding doing damage.

This demo video behind the curtain (1:14 minutes) is slow to get started, but worth sticking with it.

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At my sister's. Turns out the solar PV controller here runs Debian.

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That most exotic of experiences: Using a travel agent to book flights.

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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

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runnig out of fingernails

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But ten thousand may -- RowHammer

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Hot chicken? Nashville is somewhat near to me, but I've never had that delicacy.

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Apparenly there's something called Passive DNS, invented by Florian Weimer that captures a large amount of DNS information.

(This is .. a little surprising to me, since the Florian Weimer I know is a Debian Developer.)

"The passive DNS sensor only collects the DNS data received by a caching server as the result of recursion. The queries sent by individual clients are never logged."

Sounds like that could not produce the logs that are on that website. It could be used to help verify the legitimacy of such a more detailed log however.

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The less paranoid explanation is that the operator of the authoratative DNS servers for the domain passed on the logs. That explains the log filenames.

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Hmm, I was thinking root servers based on language like "The Russian Alfa Bank was the first to contact the newly renamed host". Only root server logs could let you determine that.

But, in I see lookups for a non-toplevel-domain. So maybe it's not root servers. If not, and if it's just a bunch of big DNS server operators ( and so on), then they're overstating their case some.

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happy halloween I guess

... This is perhaps interesting politically in a isn't-October-over-yet kind of way ...

But, technically, it suggests strongly that the DNS root server operators are keeping and sharing logs of all TLD resolution, going back months, and using them for political and other purposes.

Which is freaking scary.

(More technical data at )

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double rainbow

Rainbow like the fall color lept off the hillside and across the valley.

In bright sunshinee, looking at the base, some trees were a multi-colored

mix of leaves and refraction. And then above, a second dimmer bow, double rainbow!

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If a radio station's transmitter fails temporarily, does their web stream stop being "radio" temporarily? What if the transmitter fails and never gets fixed? What if the transmitter only covers a very small area, like a single town, or a single college, or a single block? How many feet of coverage are needed for it to be "radio"?

Would it still be "radio" if the station's transmitter were changed to an open wifi access point that broadcast the stream? Or is AM/FM modulation necessary for it to be "radio" -- and then what about satellite radio?

Seems like a really silly set of questions to quibble over. Better to say that technology is complex, ever-changing, and ofen broken, and that language is complex, ever-changing, and generally imprecise. Any mapping between technology and language will thus be imperfect.

Instead, we could consider that traditional radio broadcasts as a medium of expression afford a certian collection of behaviors, and that other things close to them in the continuum tend to fall under the "radio" term at the moment.

(Notice that cable TV is still considered "television" despite having abandoned atomspheric transmission decades ago, and more recently moving to TCP/IP, and indeed often not being watched on a television.)

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Pulled off the street into Radio Bristol to see the Indigo Girls! Live on air, and I was ten feet from the stage. I've been a fan for 19 years so this was super.


I happened to be wearing my old LinuxCabal T-shirt when I ran across this video.

Wow, memories.

first snow

of the season..

learning blues harmonica

First try at learning blues harmonica. So far I'm concentrating on learning to play single holes. Hard enough for now, although I think I managed to bend a note once.

I have found my happy sound though. Just draw through hole #1 on my C harp and I get that nice lonesome train sound. This is the easiest hole to draw, too.

perfect popcorn

Weird popcorn experience. I screwed up the first pan, burnt and mispopped everything. So I cleaned it out and put it back on the stove, still quite wet, tossed in a small amount of (olive) oil and popcorn (no test kernels, just all at once), and tried again. This time the corn took quite a while to start to pop, I could hear the water/oil mixture sizzling and splattering the inside of the pan. When it started to pop, it was all over in under 5 seconds, no trail off of slow to pop kernels like I typically get. And only 2 kernels didn't pop. Perfect.

Something went on with that water/oil mixture. My guess is that the water regulated the temperature, as long as the water was in there everything was kept right around the boiling point. When the last water evaporated, the temperature must have shot up to popping point very uniformly and quickly.

mackerel sky

With a full moon behind the blue clouds. Gorgeous tonight! And windy, and brr..


Black bean soup and garlic shrimp home cookin'.

seth on diablo

Driving up Diablo, we're always in awe of the bikers going up it. When we're not thinking they're insane. :-)

Seth biked up. Awesome, and happy b-day!

everyone should program

Funny, I use vimoutliner just like Matther Palmer, and like him I also think that everyone should learn to program. If you don't know how to program, you can't truely use a computer. You can only fiddle with constructs someone else has made for you on a computer.

Somehow I doubt either of these ideas will catch on, but it's nice that I'm not alone in my heresies.