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hair salon

Poitras's film Risk has this surreal scene where Julian Assange is getting his hair cut by Jacob Applebaum and Sarah Harrison and Erinn Clark, while watching k-pop.

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left the building


Actual error message seen on actual VPS host just now.

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wow (talk)
wow (code)
wow (paper)

Quiet talk starts slow and grows exponentially. My head stopped hurting at all the maths and started blowing off at the awesome around minute 30. Then at minute 56 he shows one slide of code that uses a SMT solver on a regular haskell functions, to find inputs that produce a desired output. Angels descend, singing, etc.

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Sometimes the simplest things, like laying these bricks under the grape arbor, are super therapeutic.

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Over ten times the capacity as the old panels, in a little more than twice the surface area. PV tech has improved a bit since the mid 90's..

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soldering on

Hacked my sheevaplug's power supply so it will run on anything from 6V-48V DC. Voltage regulator is the size of a quarter.

Quite a contrast from wiring up massive PV combiner box yesterday!

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I have a porch again! It had turned into a construction zone mess with every surface covered with tools and materials.

(Which reminded me of growing up in a house with an addition that was in a state of suspended construction for years.)

Now if I can just get the damn drill to charge again, only 5 holes to drill before I'm all done except for connecting up cables..

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All 4 panels installed and I also finished the outside wiring! \o/

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coal diver

Diving for coal in the river.

I had seen river-smoothed coal 30 miles upstream near my sister's but never down here before.

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Why won't this drill charge, I only have 1.5 holes remaining to drill. Gnnnnn

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elementary tacos

The tiny town near me has gotten a taco truck that serves authentic barbaoca, lengua, etc. Awesome!

A kid age 10 or so also seems to like it, since he drove up in a pickup truck while I was there. This is right in the middle of town at one of 3 stop lights, a block from the courthouse. Kid was even wearing a shirt with the elementary school's name on it. His mom got out of the passenger side. Taco guy and I bonded over this craziness.

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rails on roof

Installing two IronRidge rails on the roof of the house, to mount 1.2 kw of solar panels on. Got four flashfeet installed today, before my drill conked out.. recharging the drill on my old solar system.

The potentially hard part of that, besides sweating on a super hot roof, is hitting the beams when drilling into the roof, otherwise you get the fun of an extra hole in the roof to deal with. Luckily, I was able to remove vent caps, so see the beams, and hit them on the first try every time.

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Thinking about what would be involved in switching my house wiring from 12v to 24v. Makes the charge controller more efficient.

From the there must not be a lot of people who have this problem dept.

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Cost will be $1900, of which $800 is panels, $400 is shipping, and rest is roof racking, wires and a breaker box.

That's doing my own installation and with the house already having suitable gear inside (fuse box, charge controller, inverter). An equivilant system including the inside gear would probably be $4000-$6000, not including batteries. With professional installation, probably some percent more..


I'm not a user of it yet, but by chance I noticed your activity mixed into the git-ssb-web feed the other day, including commits on keysafe, which I had never heard of before.

Then today, looking over the project's github repos, I noticed an attempt at a Shamir's Secret Sharing backup system. It seems to work by just sending the shares to your choice of friends. As I understand it, unlike email, it not possible for them to delete the message.

Although compared to keysafe's independent servers, it seems much more possible for two people you know to both have been compromised (or just to collude, but presumably they'd have a good reason for doing so).

- NickNovitski


I happened to be wearing my old LinuxCabal T-shirt when I ran across this video.

Wow, memories.

first snow

of the season..

learning blues harmonica

First try at learning blues harmonica. So far I'm concentrating on learning to play single holes. Hard enough for now, although I think I managed to bend a note once.

I have found my happy sound though. Just draw through hole #1 on my C harp and I get that nice lonesome train sound. This is the easiest hole to draw, too.

perfect popcorn

Weird popcorn experience. I screwed up the first pan, burnt and mispopped everything. So I cleaned it out and put it back on the stove, still quite wet, tossed in a small amount of (olive) oil and popcorn (no test kernels, just all at once), and tried again. This time the corn took quite a while to start to pop, I could hear the water/oil mixture sizzling and splattering the inside of the pan. When it started to pop, it was all over in under 5 seconds, no trail off of slow to pop kernels like I typically get. And only 2 kernels didn't pop. Perfect.

Something went on with that water/oil mixture. My guess is that the water regulated the temperature, as long as the water was in there everything was kept right around the boiling point. When the last water evaporated, the temperature must have shot up to popping point very uniformly and quickly.

mackerel sky

With a full moon behind the blue clouds. Gorgeous tonight! And windy, and brr..


Black bean soup and garlic shrimp home cookin'.

seth on diablo

Driving up Diablo, we're always in awe of the bikers going up it. When we're not thinking they're insane. :-)

Seth biked up. Awesome, and happy b-day!

everyone should program

Funny, I use vimoutliner just like Matther Palmer, and like him I also think that everyone should learn to program. If you don't know how to program, you can't truely use a computer. You can only fiddle with constructs someone else has made for you on a computer.

Somehow I doubt either of these ideas will catch on, but it's nice that I'm not alone in my heresies.