My blog is kept in this wiki. It contains highly technical posts to do with code that I'm involved in developing, with random bits of my life, rants, and essays mixed in.

Some of the more well known posts on my blog have included:

Besides the main blog, some other feeds are available:

  • archives
  • lay feed, which omits the technical bits
  • My devblog, a day-to-day devlopment journal.
  • Some categories I blog about from time to time, including music, unicode, code and wishlist.
  • howto feed, containing some HOWTOs.
  • git feed, posts about git
  • haskell feed, documenting my long Haskell journey.
  • discussion feed, containing discussion about pages on my wiki
  • foo feed, which contains all manner of blather and mindless link propigation that doesn't show up in the main feed. Kinda the blog behind the blog.
  • grep is a special feed that aggregates various other feeds for stuff related to me.
  • I also have a photoblog and screencasts.

Also, my blog is aggregated on sites including:

If you know of others, add them to Discussion.