I've been taking a closer look at the WebOS side of my Palm Pre tonight, and I noticed that it periodically uploads information to Palm, Inc.

The first thing sent is intended to be my GPS location. It's the same location I get if I open the map app on the Pre. Not very accurate in this case, but I've seen it be accurate enough to find my house before.

{ "errorCode": 0, "timestamp": 1249855555954.000000, "latitude": 36.594108, "longitude": -82.183260, "horizAccuracy": 2523, "heading": 0, "velocity": 0, "altitude": 0, "vertAccuracy": 0 }

Here they can tell every WebOS app I use, and for how long.

{ "appid": "com.palm.app.phone", "event": "close", "timestamp": 1250006362 }
{ "appid": "com.palm.app.messaging", "event": "launch", "timestamp": 1250006422 }
{ "appid": "com.palm.app.messaging", "event": "close", "timestamp": 1250006446 }

It sends the above info on a daily basis.

2009-08-10t09:15:10z    upload  /var/context/pending/1249895710-contextfile.gz.contextlog       ok      rdx-30681971
2009-08-11t09:15:10z    upload  /var/context/pending/1249982110-contextfile.gz.contextlog       ok      rdx-31306808

There is also some info that is recorded when a WebOS app crashes. Now, I've seen WebOS crash hard a time or two, but it turns out apps are crashing fairly frequently behind the scenes, and each such crash is logged and a system state snapshot taken. At least some of these are uploaded, though if things are crashing a whole lot it will be throttled.

2009-08-09T17:01:22Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_59.tgz   OK      RDX-30246857
2009-08-09T17:05:36Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_26.tgz   OK      RDX-30249465
2009-08-09T17:09:11Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_56.tgz   OK      RDX-30252374
2009-08-09T17:11:46Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_70.tgz   OK      RDX-30253958
2009-08-09T17:16:29Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_67.tgz   ERR_UPLOAD_THROTTLED_DAILY      
2009-08-09T17:17:28Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_51.tgz   ERR_UPLOAD_THROTTLED_DAILY      
2009-08-09T17:20:40Z    upload  /var/log/rdxd/pending/rdxd_log_21.tgz   ERR_UPLOAD_THROTTLED_DAILY  

Each tarball contains a kernel dmesg, syslog, a manifest.txt listing all installed ipkg packages (including third-party apps), a backtrace of the crash, a df (from which they can tell I'm using Debian on the phone), and ps -f output listing all processes owned by root (but not by joey).

The uploading is handled by uploadd, which reads /etc/uploadd.conf:



The "HOST" this is sent to via https is ps.palmws.com.

My approach to disable this, which may not stick across WebOS upgrades, was to comment out the 'exec' line in /etc/event.d/uploadd and reboot. However, then I noticed a contextupload process running. This is started by dbus, so the best way to disable it seems to be: rm /usr/bin/contextupload

BTW, since Palm has lawyers, they have a privacy policy, which covers their ass fairly well regarding all this, without going into details or making clear that the above data is being uploaded.

Update: WebOS upgrades do re-enable the spyware; this has to be repeated after each upgrade.

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