Alphabetical order's not nice
But use it if no others suffice.
Can you think of a way to
Do better?
Each manual page option sorted, not by its
First letter, but
Grouped in a sequence, by sense.
Highly structured, to be scanned at a glance!
I think that is better, and "So Say We All".
Just think of the savings, in time for us all.
Kaleidoscopic knowledge, swirled around, then
Left to sit, on the page alone,
Makes me wish that in kindergarten,
No ABCs graced the top of the classroom.
Only... it's true, in printed
Pages of text,
Queries are satisfied best by
Running ones finger along, in order,
Stopping at the word one desires.
Truth. But...
Until these days of glittering screens and even e-ink pass,
Vacently staring at text all in order, or smudging the screen, is not best.
Wikipedia alphabetical? Surely you jest!
Xenophobia is best hyperlinked; not followed by xylophonists.
Years from now, will we care about
Zany alphabets? (Unicode could take this to a higher plane, but I'll stop here.)

Inspired by: Debian bug #499487 Debian bug #551741 Debian bug #561017 Debian bug #623890 and many more.