The trip down from Gratz to Banja Luka was much easier than the day before. After a while you just get used to being sat in a car for ages. Plenty of nice scenery to enjoy through Slovenia. After a while our car's GPS's began to fail, showing us driving through fields, and we were stuck for 1.5 hours in a traffic jam when the 4 lane highway seemed to end. Got around that with some guesswork, and on into Croatia by back roads.

The Bosnian border was an interesting experience, all the guards could say in English was "green card! green card!" -- which from an American POV is an unsettling thing to be asked for at a border, especially if they've already taken your passport away -- but at least we were not detained overnight.

While drivers were away getting the car insurance settled it descended toward farce as we had to hand roll the cars forward to let trucks get into the country. (Or we thought we did.. one was rolled with the keys in it as it turned out.)

Arrived at the Hotel in Banja Luka in the middle of a wedding, which was amazingly loud (I could still hear it from the 5th floor at 2 am). There's also a casino at the hotel, so first impression was garish and loud! ... But now that it's a rainy Sunday, seems much nicer here.