As I type this, it's just passed midnight. I'm in the back of a BMW somewhere in east Germany , and the Debian UK convoy is doing 110 mph on the autobahn, twenty hours into a twenty-five hour first leg of our trip to Banja Lunka.

This all started out so sanely with a 3 am departure to catch the 6 am ferry at Dover. Followed by a couple of hours leisurely breakfast onboard. First hint that yes, this is a road trip in which things will go wrong was a minor bumper denting of one of the convoy's cars by a stray landrover during the ferry trip, but it didn't really phase us. On to Cologne, for a very nice lunch and to pick up another person.

But we didn't anticipate how brutal the next leg to Gratz would be. Nor did we count on apparently half of Germany and the Netherlands getting out their campers and heading east this Friday. Spent multiple hours stop-and-go, and many more in constant traffic. Finally it opened out, so we can follow the night speed limit. And while we started out horsing around on the radio, we've developed some real comms discipline by now to keep the convoy together.

Also people seem to be amazingly keeping rested while not driving. To add to the sleep debt to me, I flew in the day before, but I actually feel caught up now. Still I've not been driving at all due to mislaid license and general inability to safely drive a right side drive stick shift at 100 mph at night. Our 7 drivers are doing an amazing job.

Update: Arrived safely in Gratz at 4 am. Austria tantilized with 30+ miles of tunnels thru the alps, but I've not seen an alp yet.

PS, you'll never appreciate a stinky, free bathroom until you're in a country where all the antiseptic bathrooms cost money and hoards of vacationers are doing the logical thing next to service stations.