Finally back from a solid month away.

  • Drive from England to Bosnia, and back. Plus two days of air travel, for a week of travel all told.

    The trip with the UK convoy back from Bosnia was enjoyable, Steve found a great route thru the Alps, and I much enjoyed finally seeing them. Then we stopped at a golf course in Luxemburg, where my hotel room was a suite ... swanky. We bogged down in Belgium, missed our ferry, which provided a chance to play some Eurogames in Europe. Then I visited family in London.

    I hope to eventually have some pictures from that trip. If those who had cameras make them available.

  • In between the European tour, there was DebConf. As always, it was excellent. I did not come out with the large todo list of exciting things like happened last year. I did continue nibbling through that list. Had some good conversations about haskell, met Intrigeri, who wrote the ikiwiki po plugin. Had some meetings on things I feel I've sorta moved on from to some extent but still have to be available for. Didn't manage significant technical work, but this was not unexpected. The day trip was fun, enjoyed seeing the waterfalls and little mills, and swimming the cold, cold river. The last few days I was out of energy. I did not give any presentations, and only realized during the lightning talks that I should have given one about git-annex.

  • I had expected to have most of a week at home after getting back from Europe, and technically did. But it was too annoying and unusual to count. Wildlife ate two trees of pears while I was away. My cat was stressed. I was stressed. It was insanely humid, and the house had been closed up for two weeks, and I had to fight mold and damp.

  • So the added trip to the beach that put this month over the top to beyond insane amounts of travel, turned out to be sorta a good thing. Camping in the dunes, kids, good books, sea turtle eggs fenced off a hundred feet away on the beach waiting to hatch. Lots of kite flying, and somehow no sunburn. And no rain until a dawn rainbow followed by lots of wet just as we were breaking camp.

    Full details in this Ocracode. Nobody but me understands or cares, but that's just fine. :)

    OBX1.1 P6 L6 SC5d+++b--c- U0 T3 f++-b2 R1dw Bn-b++m++ F+u+ SC++s++g0 H+++f2i4Vs---m0 E+++r+++ T6f++-b0 R1w Bn-b++m++ F++u++ SC++s++g1 H+++f2i5 V+++ E+++r++

For the past three days I've been coding, which feels good after all that time away.