I took the package of blackberries from the freezer, where it had sat, neglected since I picked them from my fecund vines in August. They had some frost on top; it didn't seem that the wait could have improved them.

But, I figured, let's do this right. No store-bought pie crust, made my own with lots of love, and no little trepidation, since pie crust is not my strong suite. Put it back in the fridge to rest as I melted the frozen berries. Added some honey, then worried I'd sweetened it too much. Seemed too runny, so added some flour. Spent what seemed a long time criss-crossing strips of the pastry on top. Which, now that I look at it, doesn't seem to be quite the way it's typically done, but whatever.

45 minutes later, it came out, and bliss, it's the most perfect pie I've ever made. Crust acceptably flaky, berries just the right mix of tart and sweet. But mostly, it tastes of summer and care, and the wait seems to have been worth it.

So that's my Debian release pie.

On the software side of things, I didn't do anything much toward making this release happen. Indeed, I have forgotten most of what I put into the mix earlier. (Something to do with armel, and firmware, and maybe boot menus?) It was a nice change to sit back and watch and not worry (much) about doing anything myself.

I think that someone fell asleep in his chair while running the CD builds and had to get a wakeup call early this morning to finish. Dedication. Seems like there should be a better way, but you can't argue with the result.

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