Debian is too large for this page, and my decade-plus of involvement in the Debian project, and my thoughts and plans for it are too large to really describe here.

Suffice to say that while many of the other projects listed here (debian-installer, debhelper, debconf, devscripts, dpkg-repack, probably anything starting with the letter "d") are subprojects of Debian, and while nearly anything else on the whole wiki is probably available in Debian, all that is just a fraction of all the work I've done for Debian.

Some of Joey's random plans for Debian[1][2][3]

  • Make testing a proper Debian release that releases at some sane rate (unlike stable).

    I think Pere planted this idea originally. It's a large part of the reason why I work on the testing-security-team, and it's strongly influenced how debian-installer releases have become more than just a release of the installer.

    Seems that AJ supports this idea too, which is cool since he er, invented testing and stuff.

    See cut for more on the idea.

  • Switch to cdebconf as documented on debconf.

  • Finish the &$*$&$&$# /usr/doc transition. 6 or 7 years and bloody counting. Bug #322762 tracks it.

  • Somehow get the policy process out of its "documenting standard practice" hole.

    It's rediculous how long it took to get Debian policy updated to a current version of the FHS.

    Current thingking is to move the driving of policy-type change over to developer's reference, or the RM's list of RC type issues, or something like that, and leave policy as-is.

  • Make supplant as the most important website of the project.

  • Work on ending the tyranny of unix permissions!

[1] Plans may not be sufficiently random for government use.
[2] Goals in mirror may be closer than they appear.
[3] Trimmed down now that I've left Debian to the ones I really wish I'd gotten to when I had the chance.