So Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" is due to be released this weekend. I've been doing my part annoying the release team with various risky last minute changes for not-formally-RC bugs. The best of these was making kFreeBSD CD images be actually used by d-i. Which had been silently ignoring them (so nobody noticed), and then I "broke" it to at least complain that it couldn't use them, and is now entirely fixed.

Anyhow, there are these Debian release parties planned in 68 locations worldwide, this weekend. I have never been to a Debian release party. The timing is never right. The nearest one is 6 hours away, so I won't be making the trip. But yesterday I had a crazy idea, and I seem to have done enough that I can't back out now.

announcing the Debian Party Line is a mumble server. Mumble is a nice system for doing group voice chats. I will be hosting a kind of virtual release party there, on February 5th and 6th. We'll follow the progress of the release, maybe have some scheduled events (if someone wants to do a talk or tutorial session). And at the end we'll hear what it sounds like when we all get Squeezed.

So, should be fun, assuming my servers don't melt down due to bandwidth use. Hope to chat with you there!

Please visit its page for details and to RSVP.

squeeze countdown

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Can't connect to the server - says "Invalid server password." Is it not open yet?

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