I'm trying to work on having days that are somehow individually memorable this year. So far..

0 (leap day)

Finally tackled the chapter on monads. I'd read various explanations a year ago, but was swimming in syntax I didn't understand. After percolating for a year, and learning to read the syntax better, monads turned out to make very simple sense.

(I can't say the same about Johnny Monad.)

I had been meaning to write sometime about a method I used in ikiwiki to let expressions in a mini-language, that normally are evaluated to match a set of pages, instead be evaluated to explain why they succeed or fail. It's a cute technique, though hard to explain. Now I'm pretty sure it's just a monad. So I don't have to explain it!


Visiting Abram's falls this time of year, the canyon is in constant wintry shadow. The falls are not frozen, but have icicles twice my height, and there are rank upon rank of icicles all down the walls, an ice cathederal.

It's a bright sunny day, but on the whole hike, I only get into the sunlight once, briefly, at the top of the giant steps. Then back into the shade. Back at my car, I'm suprised that it's only 3 pm, feels like it should be 5.

Made a pecan pie with daddy's pecans and eggs.


A grey day with snow and worse. The paper's rss feed repeats "dozensWhundreds of wrecks" over and over, as if to make up for there being no 60 point type.

I'm reading Ted Nelson's book Geeks Bearing Gifts. The chapter summaries seem better than the actual book. And the on-demand printing makes me think I'm reading a poorly laid out web page, rather than something typeset. But I love that he goes all the way back to the invention of the alphabet and of hierarchical categorization and suggests all the basis for modern computers is arbitrary and/or wrong.

Eating ginger duck downtown I look up and a pizza delivery guy has slid out of control right in front of me and crashed.