My power comes down the hill on a half-mile long spur line that ends here. Saturday night I heard a loud crack and the lights went out. The next morning I saw one less line crossing over the valley to the pole out back -- the downed line had snapped right off the pole for no apprent reason, and fallen into the garden.

I was impressed that they were out looking for the break even before I called (it only took out my power). Of course they hadn't a clue how to get down here until I found them up on the road. The guy looked it over and said he'd get a team out early today. I spent the night in town.

It was fixed by noon today, but they made a godawful mess doing it. They chopped out all the scrub and larger trees all along the line in, leaving them in an impassable mess under the lines along with lots of garbage. They even cut down one of the old christmas trees planted under the line on the valley floor -- which had to be 30 feet short of the line running above it. The sheer hack-jobbishness of the resulting wound makes me sick.