Entered in 6 months of the house's solar power data.

Power system voltages.

When I last did in mid-December I was seeing the expected slow decrease, but did not anticipate the dip in mid-January, which I think was due to snow and bad weather.

At the end of February, I doubled the size of the active battery bank, and this damped out many of the spikes and lows. The mid-April low is bad weather paired with much higher than usual (24x7) inverter use, and possibly with some batteries that were still being conditioned after spending all winter off power.

I'd expect the last couple of months to be higher, but perhaps I'm just not needing to conserve power here at all (come to think, I have a radio, an inverter, a flourescent light, an electric shaver charger, a sheevaplug, a laptop, and 4 USB pepherials going right now).