It's been an intense couple of days out at the Hollow. Did it only start to snow yesterday? It feels like a long time in winter. Yesterday was the first day that the solar panels produced no power, it was too cloudy and snowing most of the time. I cleaned an inch of slushy snow off the panels to no avail, and wondered if the power would last.

But the wood stove has kept it nice and warm, so yesterday was spent cosily in the living room enjoying the snowfall, nethack, and podcasts. Also, I'm very much enjoying cooking on the wood stove. I've never been in a position to cook on one before; when I lived at Wortroot the stove was in the cabin, and the cold kitchen in a different building. So cooking on the stove, or even keeping a kettle on, was mostly only done in emergencies. Here, I am constantly using it, and the propane stove is still on its first 20 pound tank. Long slow cooked beany or roastish stuff does especially well. Yesterday I did a great pork loin roast with homemade quick sauerkraut.

Today, after cleaning another 3 inches of snow off the solar panels, and scraping off a layer of ice, I am getting a decent amount of power for a cloudy day with some snow still falling. Turns out it was good I cleaned them yesterday after all, since a part I missed has a inch+ layer of hard ice, which I don't dare chip away at for fear of damaging the panels. I'd not want to live someplace where it snowed a lot with solar panels that didn't have some kind of a heating system.

I wish I had a camera to show the long walk down the driveway, through the winter woods, and past the field where the wind blows gusts of snow into the air. But my cell phone is on a Caribbean cruise.

I have been recording data ever since the fall equinox, and it's almost to the winter solstice now. Time to geek out with some graphs! Solar production has surely been falling off with the waning days, but it seems like it will get through the shortest day with enough, and from then on, no worries.

Highest watt production seen each day I've been here.
Zero all day yesterday.
Power system voltages.
Charge controller limits it to a maximum of 15 volts during the day.
Originally, it was limiting it to 13 volts.