Today, standing in the middle of a creek with snow still on its banks, meltwater lapping above my knees, barefoot, in my underwear, and using a tree trunk for support as I hauled across a big backpack and a sack full of Mediteranean food (and pants); I wondered for a minute if I knew what I was doing here.

But I think Anna enjoyed Santa's late (and pantsless) arrival to her snowed in farm, which has been without power for over a week. And I knew she needed the dutch oven I brought, to expand what she can cook in the wood stove. Also, Agricola turns out to be a fun game for winter on the farm.

I also briefly wondered what I was doing here as I coaxed a fire out of the damp and tiny stove in my yurt, almost running out of kindling. It's going to be a chilly night here anyway, but being here with just the light of the fire and my laptop, listening to the melting snow gently dripping down the sides, is a special experience in a day rather full of them.