Today I strapped a kayack on a car (badly) and gingerly drove it out to the country, stopping for Greek food enroute. Now at my yurt, where I hung out and played Agricola all afternoon with my sister. Working on some processing of the 19 applicants for DebConfNewbies sponsorship while amazing venison potstickers are started. Tomorrow morning three kayackers will go out early and float down the river, and maybe find where the underriver creek emerges. Good times!

Backing up a bit, the past two months have been significant ones. First, I quit my job. Then I almost bought a lot of land, which would have been huge, especially without an income. But it fell through just before closing, and I've had to push the idea of getting some land in the country back off into the indefinite future, where it probably belongs. Instead, Anna and Mark have been amazing, letting me come out here very regularly to unwind. And I've been very wound up, since there's a secret project under development that I can't discuss yet.

Hmm, maybe not being on Facebook anymore will mean more personal blogging. That would be good. Now to go help with the potstickers..


So that is why Anna has so many weeds in the garden. You've been distracting her with games of Agricola!!

BTW - I am a religious reader of Anna's Walden Effect... what a great name for a homesteading blog. I've been known to sit there hitting the refresh button waiting for her next post. I'm also an Anti-Microsoft Linux junkie. So, now you have me wondering what that secret project is...

I can relate on the land thing. I've been putting off a couple of plots of land in north Arkansas trying to figure out how to make it all work out. I started reading Anna's blog when my IT job started me on the path of a nervous breakdown and I was ready to ditch it all and go homestead with no plan. I've stuck it out long enough now to save a bit of money and hopefully I can stick it out a bit longer and be able to do it with no debt one day.

Well, hopefully I'll make it out that way one day and will be able to say hello sometime. In the meantime, good luck with your "secret project" and getting off of facebook... both of which I am sure are worthy causes!

Comment by Shannon